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WEBINAR - Challenging Conversations for Clinicians

Do you find it difficult to have challenging conversations with patients or staff? Margaret Potter will provide you with a coach-approach to the dialogue and tips for navigating those challenging conversations.

PODCAST - Dr Mark Laslett on the Radicular Syndrome with Tom Jesson

Listen to Dr Mark Laslett talk about Radicular Syndrome with Tom Jesson. 48 Minutes. Contains language.



Hear what some of our alumni have said about our courses.

I REALLY like the format of: relevant papers provided, followed by lecture relating to them and specialist instruction on the topic. Is a really good structured, clearly understandable format, and helps me to learn.

- Anonymous

Lumbar Spine Course

I loved this course- the combination of ways material is presented (lecture, readings, case studies) really helps to provide context and solidify learning.  The course manual was helpful for keeping my notes consolidated. The recommended readings were worthwhile.  I have already recommended the course to peers and will be continuing with the 300 level modules.  The course is just really clinically relevant and provides me with a lot I feel like I can use in my practice.

- Leigh

Back Pain 201

Very informative, clear and up to date. Very encouraging and makes you want to learn and really makes me think about how I can improve my practice/management of rotator cuff patients

- Michelle

Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Module

I thought this webinar was excellent.  So often there is a focus upon technique or theory, but a hugely important and under-valued (and taught) skill is communication.  Thank you for highlighting this important issue.  I would love to see some more presentations on these sorts of areas - including 'tricky' topics like keeping physios in the profession and burnout etc.  Thanks again.

- Sharon

Communication: Challenging Conversations for Clinicians Webinar (Margaret Potter)

Subscribe to our eNewsletter and you shall receive...

Updates on our latest courses and live events, special discounts, exclusive content and more.