Physiotherapy Competencies

Learn more about the 7 Core Physiotherapy Copmetencies and how we integrate them into our courses.

Physiotherapy Practitioner

The physiotherapist practitioner role sits at the intersection of all core competencies. The practitioner sits at the nucleus of all integrated aspects of the Physiotherapy practice. Physiotherapy practitioners apply their integrated knowledge, skills and professional values to individuals and groups in the promotion of health and provision of culturally responsive, evidence-informed, high-quality and safe person-centred management.

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Professional and Ethical Practice

As professional and ethical practitioners, physiotherapists are committed to standards of
behaviour that comply with their legal, professional and ethical obligations, and
management of their physical and mental health.

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As communicators, physiotherapists use written, verbal and non-verbal methods to effectively and respectfully communicate with clients, family/whanau, other professionals, communities and relevant others and facilitate gathering and sharing of information as appropriate for the situation or context to optimise management and outcomes.

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As Scholars, physiotherapists demonstrate a commitment to maintaining and enhancing their professional competence. The role of the scholar requires physiotherapists to engage in critical reflection, continuous learning, teaching others and synthesising and engaging in research to inform and enhance the quality of practice throughout their career.

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As Collaborators, physiotherapists work effectively with clients, whanau, carers, health-care and other professionals to provide safe, high-quality, person-centred management. Physiotherapists take inclusive, collaborative, respectful and consultative approaches to shared decision-making and support the achievement of agreed goals.

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The role of the educator involves physiotherapists applying learning principles and strategies relevant to the practice context to facilitate learning by other professionals, students, clients, relevant others, funders and/or insurers, communities and governments.

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Manager & Leader

As Leaders, physiotherapists engage with others to contribute to a vision of quality services in the health and other sectors and take responsibility for the delivery of excellent client care through their activities as practitioners, administrators, scholars, or teachers. Physiotherapist Leaders manage their time, workload, resources and priorities and lead others effectively within relevant clinical and professional frameworks.

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Integrating the 7 Competencies

We recognise that there is much more to being a competent health professional than just clinical skills. At Physio Academy we provide a range of learning resources that cover all 7 key competency areas including important aspects of professional and ethical practice, communication, collaboration and leadership. All of our courses count towards your mandatory CPD hours in New Zealand.

Our online learning resources and courses cover biomedical and psychosocial sciences, professionalism, ethical practice, communication, clinical reasoning, practical assessment and treatment skills and evidence-informed multidisciplinary management of musculoskeletal and other conditions. 

Featured Courses


Tailored CPD learning packages for your clinical team.

12 Months


BP304: Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar Facetogenic Pain

Full review of current scientific evidence for reliability, validity of the clinical assessment for lumbar facetogenic pain with video case studies & evidence for non-surgical treatment interventions.

12 months

6 hours + reading

Graduate Academy

Join our community of physiotherapy graduates to get support and learn essential clinical and professional skills to start your career with confidence.



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