Online learning, practical courses and events to help you translate evidence-based concepts into clinical practice.

We recognise the different learning needs of new graduates, advanced practitioners and specialists and tailor our courses to your level of learning and expertise to help you plan and progress towards your career goals.

The Physio Academy Journey

Physio Academy was created by Dr Angela Cadogan to provide an integrated professional development hub for physiotherapists of all levels who are committed to improving their knowledge, skills and professional behaviours to reach the highest standards of clinical and professional practice. Angela has built a team of local and international instructors who are passionate about helping others learn and develop their clinical skills. Physio Academy (previously Southern Musculoskeletal Seminars) is your academy and we hope you'll be part of this journey with us.

Angela is a registered Specialist Physiotherapist (Musculoskeletal) with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. She is a consultant clinician, educator and researcher with a PhD in Musculoskeletal Diagnostics.

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Our Mihi

Te Kura Kōmiri o Ōtautahi translates to
‘The school for physio from Christchurch’.

The inclusion of Ōtautahi (Christchurch) in the Te Reo translation of Physio Academy is an important part of our mihi. No matter how far afield Physio Academy is used around the globe, Ōtautahi, will always be our turangawaewae; the physical place attached to Physio Academy’s identity and evolving journey.

Our Point of Difference:

Grounded in 7 Core
Competencies of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy competency requires much more than just clinical skills. We are building a library of learning resources in each of the 7 core competency areas: Physiotherapy Practitioner, Professional and Ethical, Communicator, Scholar, Collaborator, Educator and Leader to help you gain the knowledge, skill and behaviours required to excel in every area of your professional practice.

The Learning Experience:

All our courses provide clinically relevant learning from industry experts supported by sound educational frameworks and latest evidence. Our learning activities are designed with the clinician in mind to deliver an enjoyable learning experience that includes relatable case studies that will make you think and will have an immediate impact on your clinical practice. All courses are eligible for CPD points in NZ. View our full range of our courses here.

Tailored To Your Level:

We recognise that the learning needs of clinicians are different a various stages of their career. You can filter our courses by ‘Novice’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Specialist’ level so you can find the content that’s right for you. We will continue to build our library in these areas so you can build a staged CPD plan and work through different levels of the courses as you progress towards your career goals.

Pay It Your Way:

Purchase your course of choice as a bundle, a module or a lesson. Payment plans are available for larger course bundles. For maximum value sign up for one of our membership subscriptions and get exclusive access to courses and resources, private online community membership, preferential booking and significant discounts on courses and events.

Physio Academy Levels:

Suitable for new graduates looking to
master the fundamentals; those returning to the workforce after a break; or moving into a new clinical area.
For those 5+ years into their career who those want more depth of learning in specific areas, or are working towards Advanced Practitioner registration.
Advanced courses for the experienced practitioner looking to specialise in a certain subject area, or work towards Specialist Physiotherapy registration.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help prepare physiotherapists for current and future roles in the evolving health system. We provide high quality, clinically relevant and evidence-informed learning resources for health professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and developing their clinical skills in order to achieve excellence in their chosen area of practice.

Our approach is to incorporate the seven core physiotherapy competencies into every facet of our learning. All our learning activities encourage you to think, and provide stimulating clinical insights, integrating knowledge, skills, clinical applications, communication and professional skills that will help you excel in your clinical role and achieve your career goals.

Our team of clinician-instructors believe learning should be fun, engaging, relatable, accessible, affordable and, most importantly, should make a real difference to your clinical practice. All of our courses count towards your mandatory CPD hours in New Zealand.

Featured Courses


Tailored CPD learning packages for your clinical team.

12 Months


BP304: Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar Facetogenic Pain

Full review of current scientific evidence for reliability, validity of the clinical assessment for lumbar facetogenic pain with video case studies & evidence for non-surgical treatment interventions.

12 months

6 hours + reading

Graduate Academy

Join our community of physiotherapy graduates to get support and learn essential clinical and professional skills to start your career with confidence.



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