Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Physio Academy courses suitable for?

Courses are designed for registered health professionals or students studying towards a health profession. All online courses can be completed anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. At the present time, all practical courses will be held in New Zealand.

Why use Physio Academy?

  • One of few education providers that provide levels of education tailored to your level of expertise.
  • Our accreditation standard courses provide high quality learning experiences and help translate latest evidence into clinical practice.
  • Interactive, modern learning activities and practical skills that you can use in the clinic. 

What do online learning modules include?

  • Pre-course reading lists including latest evidence with downloadable reference lists.
  • Video presentations with clinical applications and case studies.
  • Audiovisual presentations with downloadable handouts and clinical resources.
  • Pre- and post-course quiz with immediate feedback.

What do Physio Academy practical courses include?

  • Practical demonstration of diagnostic tests
  • Interpretation of radiological imaging
  • Clinical reasoning exercises
  • Case studies
  • Real-time patient assessment and treatment. 

What courses do we offer?

We currently offer courses on a range of clinical topics. We plan to expand the range of courses that provide information, resources and additional learning in key physiotherapy competency areas including professional and ethical practice, communication, self-directed learning and reflective practice, collaboration, leadership and management so please keep checking this site or follow us on Facebook for immediate notification of new courses. See the Courses section for more details.

How do I register for a course?

Go to the Courses page, select the course you are wanting to complete. After selecting your course, you will be directed to our eLearning site where you will need to create a personal learning account. On your personalised "Dashboard" you will find all of your courses. You can start, stop and return to all of your courses any time within the enrolment period. If you need an extension of time, just contact us.

How much do Physio Academy courses cost?

Prices vary from course to course depending on the volume of content. You will able to see the price of the course as you go to register. We have payment plans available for longer courses.

How do I pay for a course?

Once you have registered for a course, you will be prompted to enter in credit card or debit card details. Our payment platform is entirely secure. Payment plans are available at the checkout for many of our courses so you can drip feed your payments over time. You can also choose to purchase courses individually or subscribe to an area of interest of your choice. Just select the payment plan option at checkout.

What currency can be used to purchase courses?

Course prices are listed in NZD unless stated otherwise. When paying for a course on the Physio Academy site, your credit or debit card will be charged in local NZ dollars. Conversion fees may apply. Some courses hosted by our affiliate instructors may be in other currencies. This will be stated on the course page.

How long do I have access to a course once I register?

Each course is available to you to a set period of time in relation to the course content. Each course will list how long the content is available for. If you need extra time, please just contact us. If you have a membership subscription, course access will continue as long as your subscription is current.

How do I access free webinars and resources?

You can download our resources and access free webinars by entering in your email address. Simply select the resource or webinar you would like to register for/download and follow the prompts.

Can I use Physio Academy courses towards my CPD?

All Physio Academy courses are eligible for CPD hours in NZ. This may differ in some countries. You can download a CPD certificate after completing all our learning activities. The certificate includes the course and instructor details, number of study hours and quiz grades.

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